Deploy Sturdy onto Mode Network


This proposal seeks to deploy Sturdy V2 on Mode and whitelist two silos on the Sturdy UI. We are big fans of yield products and Sturdy aligns very closely with our overall mission of being a hub for DeFi in the Optimism ecosystem. Sturdy would be one of the first yield focused protocols in our network. We are excited about offering Sturdy’s products to our users. We would like to start with two silos when Sturdy deploys. As more yield bearing collateral sources come into Mode we would like to increase the number of silos and start deploying aggregators.

Sturdy is audited and well aligned with Mode’s mission. Once deployed into the Mode Network depositors into Sturdy will be eligible for a 2X point boost.

About Mode

Mode is the modular layer 2 built with the OP Stack and part of Optimism’s superchain. We are hyper focused on being one of the coolest places onchain to use and discover DeFi projects. We have several incentive models to encourage developers to build with Mode including sequencer fee sharing.


Silo 1
Lending/borrowing asset: WETH
Collateral asset: USDC
LTV: 80%
Liquidation fee: 7%

Silo 2
Lending/borrowing asset: USDC
Collateral asset: WETH
LTV: 80%
Liquidation fee: 7%

Silo 3
Lending/borrowing asset: WETH
Collateral Asset: ezETH
LTV: 90% LTV
Liquidation Fee: 3%


Seems like an easy decision, great alignment