[SIP-006] KPI-based liquidity mining

While the first iteration of Sturdy’s liquidity mining program decreased interest rate volatility, TVL has remained fairly constant. To improve TVL growth, this proposal suggests tying liquidity mining rewards to TVL milestones.

At the conclusion of the current 60 day emissions epoch, $STRDY emissions per second will initially be set to the following:
USDC: .06
DAI: .01
USDT: .01
ETH: .08

Every 7 days, the average TVL will be calculated for the previous 7 days. Based on this average, the following multipliers will be applied to all $STRDY rewards earned during that 7 day period:
<$26m: no multiplier
$26m-$29m: 1.1x
$29m-$32m: 1.2x
$32m-$35m: 1.3x
$35m-$38m: 1.4x
>$41m: 1.5x

This program will run for 9 weeks (63 days).