Swell whitelist proposal for rswETH PT


This proposal seeks to whitelist the following silo on the Sturdy UI.

About us

Swell is an Ethereum aligned liquid staking protocol. swETH, our LST, is a liquid staked version of ETH which increases in value as beacon chain rewards accrue. Swell is a DeFi first protocol, looking to make swETH the LST for DeFi, focusing on generating attractive and sustainable yields for its holders.


Silo 1
Lending/borrowing asset: ETH

Collateral asset: Pendle PT-rswETH

LTV: 85%

This silo will be whitelisted in the existing Swell aggregator (manager address: 0xCA8D6a02Fd2E80C606D3A1144a4f8BcD74B2eb86)

Great proposal but one thing that I’d like to discuss.

Collateral asset: Pendle PT-rswETH

Shouldn’t the collateral be any rswETH not only Pendle?