Enable permissionless asset onboarding on the sturdy.finance UI

Sturdy currently requires a governance vote in order to whitelist new silos and aggregators on the sturdy.finance UI. This has a number of negative implications:

  • Crypto moves quickly, and requiring every new asset to go through a governance process slows Sturdy down and restricts growth
  • Permissioning the UI may give inexperienced users the impression that silos/aggregators are endorsed by the Sturdy DAO
  • The Sturdy protocol is entirely permissionless, but by permissioning the UI, the impact of this permissionlessness is limited

If passed, this proposal would enable any Sturdy V2 silos or aggregators deployed to be displayed on the Sturdy UI. Additional warnings would be added to ensure that users are aware that silos and aggregators on the UI are not endorsed, vetted, or otherwise permissioned by the Sturdy DAO.