Onboard StakeStone Aggregator and Silos on Sturdy


This proposal seeks to whitelist the StakeStone aggregator and silos on the Sturdy UI.

About StakeStone & STONE
stakestone.io is a liquidity layer infrastructure. By connecting the consensus layer and application layer in the multi-chain era, StakeStone is building an omnichain liquidity distribution network, which empowers the supplier and demander of the liquidity. STONE is the yield-bearing ETH issued by StakeStone. It is a rebalancing, OFT standard token.

Stakers: 106k
Withdrawal: Enabled
Current TVL: $622 M


StakeStone proposes to add the following to the Sturdy UI.


Network: Mode L2

Lending/borrowing asset: WETH

Collateral asset: STONE

LTV: 90%

Liquidation fee: 3%


Network: Mode L2

Lending asset: WETH

Initial whitelisted silos: STONE