Onboard StakeStone Silo on Sturdy on zkLink Nova


This proposal seeks to whitelist the StakeStone silos on the Sturdy UI.

About StakeStone & STONE
stakestone.io is a liquidity layer infrastructure. By connecting the consensus layer and application layer in the multi-chain era, StakeStone is building an omnichain liquidity distribution network, which empowers the supplier and demander of the liquidity. STONE is the yield-bearing ETH issued by StakeStone. It is a rebalancing, OFT standard token.

Stakers: 106k
Withdrawal: Enabled
Current TVL: $622 M

About zkLink Nova
zkLink Nova is an aggregated L3. Users can stake their assets (such as STONE) on ETH mainnet or L2s (such as Manta Pacific) to get the mapping asset on zkLink Nova. About: https://explorer.zklink.io/


StakeStone proposes to add the following to the Sturdy UI.


Network: zkLink Nova

Lending/borrowing asset: WETH

Collateral asset: STONE (Manta Pacific)

LTV: 90%

Liquidation fee: 3%