Onboard Tensorplex Staked TAO Silo on Sturdy


This proposal seeks to whitelist Tensorplex Staked TAO (stTAO) silo on the Sturdy UI.

About Tensorplex Labs and stTAO

Tensorplex Labs is committed to a future where artificial intelligence is decentralized, transparent, and accessible to all, by building infrastructure that facilitate accessibility for capital and human contribution to open source AI.

Tensorplex Labs has launched stTAO, a liquid staking token for Bittensor (TAO), and is running a validator for Bittensor as well. stTAO has around $1.5m liquidity on Ethereum mainnet currently.

stTAO TVL: 26,000+ TAO (~$15m)

Tensorplex Validator TVL: 170,000 TAO (~$100m)


Tensorplex Labs proposes to add the following to the Sturdy UI.

Silo 1

Network: Ethereum Mainnet

Lending/borrowing asset: USDC

Collateral asset: stTAO

LTV: 55%

Liquidation fee: 10%

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